Bible Electric – Through the Years

Bible Electric today stands on a strong reputation for timely, safe, and reliable electrical solutions. The company mirrors the founder, Darin Bible, in his ethics and reliability.

Darin’s career as an electrician began in high school at the age of fifteen in Colville, Washington. Throughout high school, Darin worked with friends Kevin Wise and Dale Luiten, who still work with Darin today, 35 years later. Working for Kevin’s father at Wise Electric, Darin began as an electrical apprentice, gaining experience in the field. A few years later, they moved with the company to Los Angeles, where they remained for ten years working in commercial electrical construction. Darin met his wife, Donna, in LA before moving with Wise Electric to Colorado.

Three years into working electrical construction in Colorado, Darin decided it was time to start his own business. Together, with 3 small children in tow, Darin and Donna handed out flyers to conduct residential electric work, such as hanging ceiling fans, to local residents and businesses. Determination and desire to grow Bible Electric landed them their first “big job” – the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Pueblo, Colorado. This forced welcome growth in the business, and Darin worked 7 days a week, around the clock to complete the job, and hire a team of electricians.

Since then, Darin has built a team of almost 200 highly skilled and hard-working electricians, many whom have been with Bible Electric since the beginning. Bible Electric has grown a steady one million dollars in revenue  per year, going from 1 million in the 3rd year, to over 25 million in 2022. Bible Electric has completed electrical construction projects in the Bahamas, California, Washington, Arizona, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Today, Darin’s team is working on large projects throughout Denver and Colorado Springs, such as Citygate, Pikes Peak Plaza and the USAFA Cadet Field House.

Hard work has brought success to Bible Electric in the last 25 years, but gratitude keeps Darin motivated to grow even more, and give back to the community that has supported his growth. In 2017, Bible Electric teamed up with Colorado Structures, Inc. and Habitat for Humanity to build a new home for a local family. A year later, Greenway Flats was built for the Springs Rescue Mission, which consists of 65 studio apartments spread out over 4 stories for use by the homeless population of Colorado Springs. Construction then started on the Freedom Springs Project, a 3-story, 44,000 Sq ft purpose built housing project that will assist disabled/disadvantaged veterans in getting back on their feet. Freedom Springs will open in 2020, and provide Colorado Springs its first supportive housing development, and is a project Bible Electric is very proud to be a part of. Community support other than construction include several charity golf tournaments each year, support of the local Independent Electrical Contractors Association (IEC), Careers in Construction local Job Fair and El Paso County Contractors Association.

Safety is always a priority at Bible Electric. With an in-house safety program, CPR, OSHA, first-aid, and equipment training, Bible Electric maintains high production levels while keeping the team safe.

In 2019 Bible Electric invested in a Trimble RTS873 Robotic Total Station. This investment allowed Bible Electric to increase productivity, reduce installation errors, and extract even more value out of their BIM modeling. This directly benefits our customers by providing us the opportunity to push schedules and reduce rework delays.

The addition of the RTS873 has given our field crews the power to accurately layout hundreds of installation points in a single day with less labor. From underground duct banks and floor boxes to overhead conduit racks and lighting fixtures, this tool allows us to install without the need for physical references such as strings or other elements such as ducts and pipes.

While our CAD and BIM department is hard at work coordinating installations with our customers, they are able to upload installation points straight to the field as soon as they are fully coordinated. This use of the cloud is a two way street. At the end of the day, our field crews can upload staking reports that are reviewed by the CAD / BIM department for errors or any other issues.

Bible Electric is a family business. Darin’s wife, children, and even a new daughter-in-law, all work at Bible Electric in support of the company. For Darin, that “family” extends even more. Employees have shared in the growth of the business and most have become more like family that works together each day. Partners and clients have maintained such long-term business relationships that they have joined the family as well. Bible Electric will continue to grow and evolve, but some things will never change – Darin’s relationship with community partners, commitment to excellence in the industry, and commitment to his team.